Discover the many benefits of commercial solar carports. TENCO SOLAR specializes in building carports for a variety of commercial properties.

About Solar Carports

Commercial solar carports do more than create shade and shelter vehicles from the sun and rain — they generate valuable electricity for your business and help keep our California skies clear and clean.T

They also increase the value of your real estate and provide a sustainable source of electricity and revenue you can use to grow your business, reduce your carbon footprint, and lower your utility bills.

What Factors Influence Solar Carport Design?

Our solar panel professionals can design a wide range of commercial solar carports for your property. We’re happy to help you choose the style that best fits your parking area, your desired energy production, and the aesthetic you’re looking for.

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What Makes Solar Carports A Valuable Investment?

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Put Unused Parking To Use

Solar carports take advantage of your parking lot to generate a valuable source of revenue through green energy. In addition, they provide protected parking for your employees, customers, and tenants.

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Minimal Space Required

Most importantly, designs like single-pillar carports take up minimal space, which means you can maximize the number of parking spaces and energy production on your property.

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Increase Property Value

As the need for renewable energy increases and the desire for cleaner skies skyrockets, solar carports in your parking lot will become an asset that will make your property stand out.

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At TENCO SOLAR, our experts work hard to ensure our customers get the best value for their investment in solar energy. We guarantee honest and reliable service and work closely with each client to ensure the finished installation meets your specific needs.

When you hire TENCO SOLAR to install solar carports on your property, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy superior service and support long after the installation is complete. Whether you need maintenance or repairs, we guarantee we’ll always be ready to answer your call.

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We strive to always do right by our customers, even when no one is watching. This dedication to integrity, combined with our innovative spirit and technical expertise, ensures a flawless execution, no matter the scope of your solar project.

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Three Decades of Pure Solar Experience

Solar design, installation, and maintenance is all we do!  We've installed over 25,400,000 watts of solar throughout California.

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Vertically Integrated EPC Company

With a full in-house staff for design, procurement, and installation, you will work only with TENCO SOLAR throughout the process of purchasing and installing your solar system. 

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Best Warranty in the Industry

We take the time to understand each customer’s unique needs and design the best system for you using premium products. Plus we offer the best warranty in the industry.

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Large Enough to Deliver, Small Enough to Care

From small residential to large commercial projects, we have a proven track record of successful installations while providing personalized attention to each customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions about commercial carports

What is a commercial solar carport, and how does it work?

A commercial solar carport is designed to provide shade and protection for vehicles while incorporating solar panels to generate electricity. It typically consists of a durable framework that supports solar panels on top, allowing them to harness solar energy. The generated electricity can power nearby buildings or facilities, offsetting energy costs. Commercial solar carports are an innovative solution combining the benefits of shade structures and solar power generation.

What are the advantages of installing a commercial solar carport?

There are several advantages to installing a commercial solar carport. They provide covered parking spaces, protecting vehicles from harsh weather conditions. This protection helps maintain the vehicles' condition and extends their life span. By incorporating solar panels into the carport structure, you can generate clean and renewable energy, reducing your dependence on traditional energy sources and lowering electricity bills. Installing a solar carport also demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, positioning your business as environmentally conscious and potentially attracting eco-conscious customers or clients.

Can a commercial solar carport be customized to fit my business needs?

Yes. The design and configuration of a solar carport can be tailored to match your available space, energy requirements, and aesthetic preferences. Whether you have a small parking lot or a larger area, the size and layout of the carport can be adjusted accordingly. Plus, customization options are available for materials, colors, and additional features such as EV charging stations. Working with a reputable solar carport provider will ensure your requirements are met during the design and installation process.