Solar For Distribution & Manufacturing

Managing a distribution or manufacturing center is a complex responsibility, and operators are always looking for ways to optimize processes while maintaining profitability.

Between intensive energy needs and the skyrocketing cost of electricity, California distribution and manufacturing centers are seeing energy costs eat up more of their budgets and feeling the effects of a decreasingly reliable power grid.

TENCO SOLAR knows that adding solar panels to commercial buildings is a wise investment in reliable power for the future, and we’re here to help leaders in distribution and manufacturing make the right choices for their new solar energy systems. You can count on us for complete solar panel services, from installation to maintenance.

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Benefits Of Solar For Distribution & Manufacturing Centers

Distributors and manufacturers share industry challenges that make solar an ideal addition to their commercial buildings. A solar energy system produces these business advantages:

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Stable Energy Costs

With solar and monitoring services, you know how much energy you’re producing and can eliminate fluctuating electricity costs from budgeting factors.

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Reliable Energy

For many distributors and manufacturers, a power outage can result in serious losses and interruption to key timelines. A solar energy system paired with a battery system can keep the facility running until the power returns.

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Space Optimization

These large warehouses and factories typically have a significant amount of unused space on the roof, and a solar energy system is the perfect way to put that extra square footage to work.

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Solar Financing In California

Due to costs associated with the complexity of designing commercial-scale solar energy systems, many distributors and manufacturers opt for commercial financing. Some of the programs available to the industry include C-PACE, PPA, and solar loans to bring your business into the age of clean energy.

Commercial Tax Incentives

A key reason for distributors and manufacturers to go solar now is that the investment is eligible for significant subsidies from the federal government in most cases. Some of these incentives include:

C-PACE Solar Panel Financing For Manufacturing

Building owners in California may qualify for C-PACE solar panel installation financing. Financing details include:

  • No money down
  • Off-balance sheet
  • Long-term financing up to 30 years

Note: Property ownership is required, and tax-paying and non-tax-paying entities can maximize returns. Consult with our solar panel financing specialists to learn more about the C-PACE program for Manufacturing.

Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

A tax credit equal to 30% of the cost of the solar panel system.

Bonus ITC adders, including domestic content adder, low-income adder & energy community adder

An additional tax credit of 10+% for projects that meet specific guidelines.

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At TENCO SOLAR, we appreciate the work it takes to keep your nonprofit achieving its goals. If energy stability, lowered costs, and a reputation for climate-friendliness are part of your vision, we’re here to help make them a reality with solar energy.

Our 20+ years of experience and focused attention to customer service set us apart from the competition and make us the ideal solar company to make system design and installation easy for nonprofits like yours.

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