Solar Panels for Municipal Buildings

While solar panels have been popping up on home rooftops, those with a keen eye are seeing them appear on non-residential structures, including government buildings.

TENCO SOLAR’s approach to commercial-grade solar energy systems means California government buildings can successfully generate power without sacrificing their bottom line.

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Benefits Of Solar For Government Buildings

The advantages of solar as a government building’s power source are clear. Local and state governments still need to contend with rising electricity rates, and solar panels can help offset or eliminate payments to utilities for electricity use.

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Early Alignment with State Emissions Goals

Solar installations on government buildings support the state's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change by displacing fossil fuel-based electricity with clean, renewable energy sources.

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Improved Community Reputation

Solar installations on government buildings serve as visible examples of renewable energy technology in action. They can raise public awareness about the benefits of solar energy, inspire other organizations to adopt similar initiatives, and educate citizens about the importance of sustainability.

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Operations Continuity During Power Outages with Solar Batteries

Solar-powered government buildings are more resilient in the face of power outages, natural disasters, and other emergencies. When paired with battery storage, they can continue to operate critical services and functions even when the grid is down, enhancing community resilience and emergency response capabilities.

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At TENCO SOLAR, we appreciate the work it takes to keep your nonprofit achieving its goals. If energy stability, lowered costs, and a reputation for climate-friendliness are part of your vision, we’re here to help make them a reality with solar energy.

Our 20+ years of experience and focused attention to customer service set us apart from the competition and make us the ideal solar company to make system design and installation easy for nonprofits like yours.

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