Solar For Office Buildings & Retail Locations

If you own an office building or a retail space, adding commercial solar panels can help you minimize energy expenditures for yourself and your tenants. You may even attract more tenants to your building, as you will now be able to advertise as a green property!

High ROIs (returns on investment) and an increase in property value are achievable through 100% renewable solar power for your property in southern California. TENCO SOLAR makes the installation, maintenance, solar panel battery storage, and commercial financing processes hassle-free for property management companies.

Solar energy systems are an investment in the future of clean energy, and office buildings and retail spaces are ideal spaces for modeling solar energy as a simple and efficient power solution. That’s why we offer financing options that help you accelerate your payback and start seeing the benefits of solar energy quickly.

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Advantages Of Solar Energy

California businesses that switch to energy generated by solar panels will enjoy several key benefits:

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Improve Property

Like residential properties, commercial properties may be eligible for various government incentives, tax credits, or rebates for installing solar panels. These financial benefits can improve the overall value proposition of the property.

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Beat Rising Energy

Utility rates continue to rise and are becoming a larger burden for all businesses. Solar energy provides a degree of energy independence and resilience against fluctuations in energy prices.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Many businesses are increasingly focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Installing solar panels demonstrates a commitment to reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact, which can enhance the reputation and appeal of the property.

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Our team of commercial solar experts can help you explore which financing option is right for your project so that you can take advantage of all the benefits of solar panels as soon as possible.

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For solar energy services that can guide you through design, installation, financing, and routine maintenance, choose TENCO SOLAR. Our solar panel experts know the right questions to ask and have the tools to lead you to the tax incentives and accelerated depreciation options that will yield the best results for your project.

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