Quality Grinding

TENCO SOLAR was able to assist Quality Grinding offset rising utility costs, maximize net energy gains, and meet the needs of future energy consumption with the installation of a roof-mounted ballasted system in 2024.

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Buena Park, CA

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A large manufacturing warehouse in Los Angeles California with lots of commercial Solar Panels

Project Details


Amidst mounting utility costs driven by increased consumption and rising rates, Quality Grinding faced a critical need to swiftly complete their utility application to maximize net energy gains. Despite a negative experience with a residential system installation, the General Manager at Quality Grinding was cognizant of the advantages of solar energy and knew they needed a reputable partner who could offer superior value and a smooth installation.. 

When selecting a system, transparency in monitoring was paramount, as they sought a solution that would provide real-time insights into system performance, ensuring efficiency and peace of mind. Additionally, as they planned for expansion the importance of a solar system capable of not only meeting current electricity needs but also offsetting future consumption. 

System Solution:

Quality Grinding had an older roof with ample space for a solar system and required no main panel upgrades. To take advantage of the space available while having limited impact on the roof, TENCO SOLAR opted to install a roof-mounted ballasted system that required limited roof penetrations with standard Net Energy metering interconnection.

The PV equipment included in this install include SolarEdge inverters with DC optimizers and Canadian Solar 535w modules. The entire system is protected by a 30 year equipment and labor warranty.

TENCO SOLAR was able to help Quality Grinding secure the Investment Tax Credit (30%) for this project and ensured they were eligible for both the Low-Income and Energy Community adders, increasing their potential tax credit to 50%. Combining the ITC with other state and federal programs, has resulted in a projected payback period of 2.1 years.

“TENCO SOLAR has been extremely responsive and professional. They have helped us every step of the way and educated us about things we didn’t understand. I would absolutely encourage anyone to contact TENCO SOLAR for their residential or commercial needs. They have been from top to bottom a great outfit to work with and I couldn’t say enough great things about them.” — L. Feceu, General Manager, Quality Grinding

Projected Payback

2.1 Years


Investment Tax Credit (ITC) - 50%

Utility Provider


Installation Results

Results from our installation at Quality Grinding. Estimated Environmental Savings over Next 20 Years: 3,840 lbs of C02 offset, 8,729,037 miles driven by cars, and 57,589 trees planted.

2.1 Years

Projected Payback Period:


Estimated Annual Electricity Savings


of C02 offset

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