Residential Solar Repair

Residential solar panels are a great investment to help you and your family go green. Yet like all aspects of your home, solar panels can get damaged or wear out over time. When that happens, you can trust TENCO SOLAR to get things back up and running again.

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Residential Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels require periodic cleaning and inspection to deliver optimal results. We’ll help you develop and execute a solar system maintenance regimen that will protect your systems from damage and preserve their efficient operation season after season. Our master solar technicians are experts at keeping your solar panel systems in top condition.

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Residential Tune-up
Check all strings for proper voltage & amperage
Inspect all fuses & disconnect devices
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Spot check conduit & wiring
Exercise disconnects & over-current protection device
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Residential Solar Panel Repair

Mother Nature can take a toll on your solar panels. When wind and weather strike, TENCO SOLAR is there to restore your solar panels to service. We maintain a full inventory of replacement components, and our expert solar technicians work quickly to get your system back up and running.

We are happy to come out to your home to assess and diagnose your system, and if we are not able to repair your system on the spot, we will provide a written quote for the cost of the repair.

TENCO SOLAR charges a service fee of $285 for a Residential Solar Service Call. This service fee includes diagnostics, up to one (1) hour of labor, and any small/common parts the technicians have available. If additional time is needed to repair your system and/or additional parts are needed, we will provide an itemized quote before proceeding

Solar panels in the backyard of a home
Solar panels on a roof of a residential building

Residential Solar Panel Replacement

Solar panels are strong and resilient, but they can’t last forever. After 25 to 30 years, your panels are ready for retirement. When that day comes, we’ll help you identify and install the best replacement available.

Pricing depends on panels selected, the number of panels being replaced, and whether any additional parts need to be replaced (i.e.: inverters, racking, wiring, etc.).

DIY Vs. Professional Solar Panel Maintenance

While much of what you need to do to maintain your solar panels is something you can do yourself, provided you have a ladder to reach your panels, be cautious. Solar panels often come with warranties, and if you try to DIY your maintenance, you may void the warranty. This risk is not worth taking, so make sure you invest in maintenance with a qualified professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Solar Panel Repair

How reliable are solar systems?

Solar systems have no moving parts and are designed to stand up to the elements. You can expect your solar system to provide reliable service for 30 years or more when the system is professionally installed and maintained.

Can solar panels be repaired?

It depends on what part(s) and how much of the panel is damaged. Our team can repair many problems by replacing glass or repairing wiring connections.

Are damaged solar panels a fire hazard?

They can be, which is why we strongly recommend prompt repairs of any damaged systems. If the wiring is faulty, the insulation is insufficient, or the PV module is compromised, there is a fire risk.

How often should I clean my solar panels?

It’s best to wash them at least once every year. This will help protect the panels from damage and will improve their efficiency. Homeowners can clean their panels themselves by blowing them off with a leaf blower and rinsing them with a garden hose, but this could void the panel warranty. We recommend that homeowners invest in a professional maintenance appointment for a deep cleaning and inspection of their entire solar system once per year.

Will a solar panel work if it’s cracked?

Solar panels that are not significantly damaged will continue to generate electricity. However, they will not perform as well as panels that are not compromised.