Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation

TENCO SOLAR is your trusted source for residential solar panel removal and re installation.  Our Residentail Solar team services all of Southern California while our Commercial Solar team services all of California.

Two workers working to remove solar panels & racking from a roof.

Why remove solar panels?

Customers most often need solar panels removed and reinstalled when they’re having a new roof installed or their current roof repaired.

While removing solar panels isn’t difficult, it’s something you should leave to a solar panel expert. When done correctly, there should be no impact on your roofing, siding, fixtures, etc. However, incorrect removal can cause significant damage to shingles, slate, tiles, skylights, windows, etc.

How we work

Our Solar Removal Process

At TENCO SOLAR, our technicians will ensure that each element is disconnected correctly and that no damage occurs to the structure, panels, components, or racking. We’ll also make sure your solar panels, components, and racking are stored safely and securely until you’re ready to reinstall them. Our teams abide by rigid safety protocols and procedures to ensure a safe and smooth removal process.

Once your roof repairs or replacement is complete, our team will reinstall your solar panels following the same rigid safety protocols and procedures. After the reinstallation is complete, we thoroughly inspect and test your solar panels to confirm proper operation.

Solar panels being installed on a home's gray shingled roof.

How Much Does Removal & Reinstallation Cost?

Cost depends on the type of solar panels (PV vs. pool), how many panels need to be removed, and any additional racking or mounting hardware required for the reinstallation. Please see our pricing table below.

PV/Residential Solar starts at
+ each additional panel
Our team will remove the panels and all mounting hardware and place them in a secure location on your property, until your ready to reinstall the panels.
Pool Solar starts at
+ each additional panel
Our team will remove the panels and mounting hardware and place them in a secure location on your property, until your ready to reinstall the panels. Reinstallation does not require any roof penetration.
Cost Details
Removal: First Panel
Removal: Each Additional Panel
Reinstall: First Panel
Reinstall: Each Additional Panel
Reinstall: Mounting Hardware (as needed)*
Reinstall: Rubber Couplings**
* Return when the roof is stripped to install a new 4- to 5-inch post for the roofer to flash properly (includes one galvanized flashing per post). Only applies to PV Residential solar. ** Replace rubber couplings when reinstalling pool panels. Prices are not guaranteed and are subject to change. Please contact TENCO SOLAR for a complete and accurate quote for your specific job.

Other Residential Services We Offer:

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Pool Solar

Solar panels are a great choice if you want to enjoy a longer swimming season. We will help you recieve all the benefits of solar pool heating so that you can enjoy your pool year round.

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Solar Installation

Harness the power of the sun to bolster your home's value and reliability while reducing dependence on the conventional grid. Enjoy consistent, dependable operation under the ever-present sunshine of Southern California.

Solar Panel Repair & Maintenance

Mother Nature can take a toll on your solar panels. When wind and weather strike, we’re there to restore your solar panels to service. We maintain a full inventory of replacement components, and our expert solar technicians work quickly to restore your solar system to service.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Solar Panels

Is it worth the cost to replace old solar panels?

Absolutely. Solar technology continues to evolve, and modern solar panels are far more efficient and effective than their predecessors. Replacing your aging panels with a modern alternative can substantially improve your system's capacity.

Is it necessary to remove solar panels for roof repairs or replacement?

It depends on what exactly you're doing to your roof. If you're having repairs made near your solar panels, removing the panels can protect them from any accidental damage. When you need to replace the entire roof or a section beneath the solar panel, removal of the panels will be necessary for the roofers to access the roof.