Pool Solar in Anaheim & Southern California

Solar panels are an ideal choice if you want to enjoy a longer swimming season, enjoy greater control over your pool’s temperature, and reduce your energy bill with clean, free energy. At TENCO SOLAR, we will help you enjoy all the benefits of solar energy so that you can enjoy your pool season after season.

Solar panels secured to a roof in Yorba Linda with thermal pool panels and a few PV panels .

The Many Benefits Of Using Solar Energy For Heating Your Pool

Solar pool heating systems will significantly reduce your energy bill, greenhouse gas emissions, and your home’s carbon footprint. Solar panels add value to your home and require less maintenance than other heating options. They are efficient, environmentally safe solutions that help ensure the forests and your wallet are full and green.

An infographic detailing how pool solar panels work in 4 steps.

How Solar Panels Heat Your Pool

Solar systems heat your pool by first pumping your cool pool water through your pool’s filter and up to the solar collectors on your roof. Next, the water is heated as it passes through pipes along the solar collectors, which have absorbed heat from the sun. Finally, the warm, solar-heated water is pumped back into the swimming pool. It is a simple, dependable, and highly efficient process.

Pool Solar Panel Installation

After an initial consultation with one of our residential sales team members, we will visit your home to measure your pool, assess your roof, and ensure that you have enough roof space and sunlight for a pool solar system. Your Residential Sales Consultant will then put together a proposal for you, showing how many panels we would suggest and where we would suggest placing them for optimal system performance.

Most of our pool solar systems are installed in one day. We adhere to strict quality control procedures that ensure our installations are reliable and comply with all area building codes and applicable environmental regulations. After installation is complete, our technicians will show you how to use your new pool solar system. Your residential sales consultant and the entire TENCO SOLAR team are always available if you have any additional questions.

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Other Residential Services We Offer:

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Solar Removal & Re-installation

Customers most often need solar panels removed and reinstalled when they’re having a new roof installed or their current roof repaired. With upfront transparent pricing, we can help!

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Solar Installation

Harness the power of the sun to bolster your home's value and reliability while reducing dependence on the conventional grid. Enjoy consistent, dependable operation under the ever-present sunshine of Southern California.

Solar Panel Repair & Maintenance

Mother Nature can take a toll on your solar panels. When wind and weather strike, we’re there to restore your solar panels to service. We maintain a full inventory of replacement components, and our expert solar technicians work quickly to restore your solar system to service.

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For more than 20 years, we’ve helped homeowners in Southern California enjoy comfortable, warm swims every day of the year. When you want quality service, reliable results, and comfort you can depend on, TENCO SOLAR is the team for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions about pool solar panel systems.

What is the best solar pool heating system?

We recommend solar pool heating systems manufactured by UMA and Aquatherm.

How many solar panels do I need for a pool?

The number of panels you will need depends on the size of your pool. For the best results, we recommend 1 square foot of solar panel for every square foot of pool surface area.

How much will solar panels heat my pool?

Solar panels can increase the temperature in your pool by 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit on a typical day. The actual temperature increase will depend on cloud cover, sun intensity, shade, and heat buildup. In Southern California, solar pool heating systems typically raise the temperature of a pool to 78-85 degrees Fahrenheit within a few days.