Do I Need a Roof To Go Solar?

June 7, 2024
5 min read
a grid of solar panels

When most people think about switching to solar energy, they usually imagine a complex rooftop panel installation process. However, “going solar” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to install panels on your roof — or have a roof at all, for that matter.


Sometimes rooftop panel installation isn’t the most cost-effective or feasible option. In some cases, the slope of the roof may not be conducive to solar energy, or the roof may be facing the wrong direction. Whatever the case, solar panels on the roof don’t always work out the way homeowners expect.

Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives that can help people switch to solar without having to install panels on the roof. As long as you have ample space on your property, you can switch to solar energy using a variety of mounted solar arrays, including the ground, poles, and carports.

Types Of Roof-Free Solar Power Options


Ground-mounted solar panels are an excellent option for those who can’t install panels on their roofs. Simple to install and easy to maintain, ground-mounted panels let you achieve the precise angle necessary for maximum power collection. And since the panels aren’t on the roof, you won’t need to worry about them matching one another. That means a better-looking roof for your home’s curb appeal.


This type of solar panel is custom built to complement your existing landscape or parking lot areas. Both business owners and homeowners enjoy pole-mounted solar panels because they don’t require a large footprint and can be configured in multiple groups to boost overall collection capacity.

One of the greatest disadvantages of pole-mounted solar panels is that pole racking systems require more materials to install. If your budget can’t accommodate the extra materials, ground-mounted solar might be the better option.


For business owners in particular, parking canopies offer dual functionality that other solar options don’t provide. In addition to their solar energy benefits, these systems also provide ample shade and EV charging capabilities.

Parking canopies can be constructed as individual carports or for residential use. While additional installation costs are involved with a parking canopy solar solution, the opportunity to repurpose existing spaces may help offset some of these costs.

Find Your Solar Power Solution With TENCO SOLAR

Ground, pole, and parking solar solutions aren’t the only alternatives to rooftop solar panels: From skylights to balcony railing, solar panel manufacturers are working hard to create innovative solutions that don’t involve installing panels on the roof.

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