Residential Solar Services

Reduce your reliance on the power grid, increase the value of your home, and provide reliable, consistent operation beneath the typically sunny skies of Southern California.

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What are the benefits of residential solar panels?

Residential solar panels offer a bevy of benefits that will save you money year after year. With every kilowatt-hour your solar panels generate, you’ll help remove CO2 emissions, sulfur oxide emissions, and other particulate matter from the air. In addition, homeowners will enjoy considerable utility savings over the life of your system.


Residential Solar Panel Installation

We offer a full range of installation services to homeowners in Southern California. We can install solar panels on shingles, metal, tiles, flat roofs, and more. Before installation, we perform a thorough consultation and inspection of your property to determine the most efficient and effective placement to achieve optimal performance.

Other Residential Services We Offer:

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Residential Solar Removal & Re-installation

Customers most often need solar panels removed and reinstalled when they’re having a new roof installed or their current roof repaired. With upfront transparent pricing, we can help!

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Pool Solar

Solar panels are a great choice if you want to enjoy a longer swimming season. We will help you recieve all the benefits of solar pool heating so that you can enjoy your pool year round.

Residential Solar Panel Repair & Maintenance

Mother Nature can take a toll on your solar panels. When wind and weather strike, we’re there to restore your solar panels to service. We maintain a full inventory of replacement components, and our expert solar technicians work quickly to restore your solar system to service.

"My experience with Hector and the entire Tenco Solar team has been very positive. As a home owner it is often hard to find professionals that you can trust and that are committed to bringing you the best results and cost savings opportunities."
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"Excellent customer service. The project was handled with care, was timely, and every person we worked with from initial point of contact to consultation to installation exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended this company!"
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"Smart, honest and competent response to my request for assistance —and on time! What more can you hope for? I would never use anyone else!"
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Bart Sokolow


"From Claryssa in the office to Ulises in the field, I was very pleased with their service. They explained everything so I could understand it; serviced us in a timely manner. Going forward Tenco Solar will be my go to, for any of my solar needs. I highly recommend them."
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Trust TENCO SOLAR For Your Solar Needs

For over 20 years, our teams at TENCO SOLAR have helped homeowners in southern California enjoy all the benefits of solar energy. We guarantee our customer-centric approach and expert knowledge can help reduce your carbon footprint and lower your utility bills.

Our commitment to excellence and dedication to doing the job right the first time, every time, ensure you receive the greatest value for your investment.


We strive to always do right by our customers, even when no one is watching. This dedication to integrity, combined with our innovative spirit and technical expertise, ensures a flawless execution, no matter the scope of your solar project.

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Three Decades of Pure Solar Experience

Solar design, installation, and maintenance is all we do!  We've installed over 25,400,000 watts of solar throughout California.

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Vertically Integrated EPC Company

With a full in-house staff for design, procurement, and installation, you will work only with TENCO SOLAR throughout the process of purchasing and installing your solar system. 

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Best Warranty in the Industry

We take the time to understand each customer’s unique needs and design the best system for you using premium products. Plus we offer the best warranty in the industry.

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Large Enough to Deliver, Small Enough to Care

From small residential to large commercial projects, we have a proven track record of successful installations while providing personalized attention to each customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Solar Panels

Do solar panels work when it's cloudy?

Yes, but not as effectively as they do on a bright, sunny day. The amount of energy produced depends on the amount of direct sunlight hitting the panels, which can vary considerably throughout any day.

Will my solar panels still work if the power goes out?

Due to government regulations, grid-tied solar systems will be shut down when the power goes out, to allow electrical workers to repair the power grid without danger from power flowing to the grid from your home or business. If you want your property to have energy during a power outage, consider a battery backup solar system, which unlike a generator, runs on the clean energy of the sun and are safe and reliable. Solar batteries work by diverting the excess solar energy your panels create to your battery so that you can power essential appliances when you need them.

Can I take my home "off grid" after installation?

While your solar panels will produce most, if not all of the electricity you need, most homes will remain connected to the power grid after installation. We wouldn’t advise anyone take their home completely off the grid unless they have a sturdy and reliable battery storage system in place.

How do photovoltaic (PV) panels work?

PV panels absorb energy from the sun and convert this energy into a direct current. Once collected, an inverter converts this energy into the AC current used by your appliances and other electronics.

Can I use solar panels if my property is shaded?

Yes, our team will provide a site analysis to help determine the best placement and design for your solar panels. In addition, we may provide recommendations about trees that should be cut back or removed to provide additional sunlight or prevent damage to your panels.

Will solar panels increase my property value?

Two studies, one conducted by the US Department of Energy’s Berkeley Lab over a 15-year period, and a more recent analysis conducted by Zillow, show having a solar energy system can increase the value of your home by $10-30K when it comes time to sell your home.

Can you install solar panels yourself?

Solar panel installation is a job best left to the professionals at TENCO SOLAR. This process requires specific training and involves a great deal of time on the roof to get installation just right. There are many laws, regulations, and safety standards that must be carefully followed during solar panel installation, so it's best to contact the installation professionals to get the job done right rather than risking injury, electrocution, or electrical system damage.

How many solar panels are needed to power a home?

The average size of a home in California is about 2,400 square feet, and the average customer uses about 718kWh of electricity per month. To cover the energy expenses for a home of this size, you need approximately 15 to 20 solar panels. However, depending on your exact energy consumption history and your home's actual size, the number of panels can vary.

How much does solar panel installation cost?

The cost of solar panel installation depends on the amount of energy you use, the size of your home, available tax incentives, the type of panels selected, and how many panels will be installed. Solar panel installation can vary significantly in price, from $5,000 on the low end to more than $40,000 on the high end. A TENCO SOLAR specialist can provide you with a custom quote for your home.