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Residential & Commercial Solar Panel Services in Beaumont, CA

For over 20 years, TENCO SOLAR has served Beaumont’s residential and commercial solar needs. We specialize in solar energy, making us your single source for solar panel services, including repair, installation, removal, and more.

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Commercial Solar Panel Services

TENCO SOLAR offers commercial solar panel design and installation that can help you save energy and enjoy all the benefits of going solar. We provide financing options and can help you understand what tax credits and rebates are available to your business.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation & Replacement

Commercial solar panels reduce operating expenses, increase energy independence, and reduce your business’s environmental footprint.

Our commercial solar panel specialists can install rooftop solar panels, pole-mounted units, ground-mounted solar panels, solar carports, solar panel battery storage and backup, and more. We can install solar panel systems above parking lots and garages, on unused landscaping, etc.

When your current system fails to produce the electricity you need, we’ll help you identify the ideal replacement. During the solar panel replacement process, we’ll carefully remove and dispose of your existing system, install your new solar panels, and calibrate your system to deliver maximum energy production.

Commercial Solar Panel Repair & Maintenance

Prompt repair is essential for protecting your system from further damage and restoring the solar energy production your business depends on. Our technicians will thoroughly assess the condition of your commercial solar panels and perform any necessary repairs.

We maintain a comprehensive component inventory and can repair damaged wiring, problems with the inverter, mechanical damage to solar panels, and other issues.

We’re highly skilled at performing solar panel maintenance and recommend all commercial solar panel systems receive annual care. Our technicians can clean and inspect your panels for damage, perform comprehensive diagnostics on all thermal-based and electrical components, and make sure your system is free of debris and corrosion.    

Commercial Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation

Our team can quickly remove your commercial solar panels when you need to perform renovations or roof repairs. Our technician will carefully remove your solar panels and store them on-site until you’re ready for reinstallation. Because it’s a labor-intensive task, we work closely with your company to determine the ideal timing to minimize disruption to your operations.

When construction, repairs, or renovations are complete, our team will reinstall your solar panels quickly and effectively. Our thorough installation procedures and quality control checks ensure your system will deliver the same performance as before.

During the reinstallation process, our solar technicians can perform any required repairs, such as replacing damaged or worn-out mountings, damaged solar panels, and other components.

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Solar panels installed on a flat roof.
Commercial solar panel service in Beaumont, CA

Commercial Carports

Maximize your savings with a solar carport. Commercial solar carports do more than create shade and shelter vehicles from the sun and rain — they generate valuable electricity for your business and help keep our California skies clear and clean.

They also increase the value of your real estate and provide a sustainable source of electricity and revenue that you can use to grow your business, lower your carbon footprint, and reduce your utility bills.

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Going solar can reduce your environmental footprint and trim your monthly utility bills down to size. TENCO SOLAR can help you harness the power of the sun. Our experts are always ready to answer your questions about solar panel installation and help you identify the best system for your home.  

Residential Solar Panel Services

In addition to solar panel installation, TENCO SOLAR offers:

Row of solar panels installed on a home's roof.
Residential solar panel system installation in Beaumont, CA

Pool Solar Panels

Solar panels can also be used to help you enjoy a longer swimming season, have greater control over your pool’s temperature, and reduce your energy bills with clean, free energy. At TENCO SOLAR, we’ll help you gain all the benefits of solar energy so you can enjoy your pool season after season.

Why Choose Us?

TENCO SOLAR is a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience installing and servicing solar panels in Beaumont. We strive to always do right by our customers. This dedication to integrity, combined with our innovative spirit and technical expertise, ensures expert execution, no matter the scope of your solar project.

In addition to our installation services, we offer expertise in solar financing and have a variety of financial products and partners to deliver a custom solution that will optimize your return.

Our goal is to help every California home and business owner understand the value of solar energy and the environmental and financial benefits of installing solar panels.

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