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Residential & Commercial Solar Services in La Mirada, CA

TENCO SOLAR is proud to have served La Mirada’s residential and commercial solar needs for over 20 years. We’re experts in solar energy, making us your single source for solar panel services, including repair, installation, and more.

A large block of solar panels on the roof of a home.
Residential solar panel system installation in La Mirada, CA

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Residential Solar Panel Installation

TENCO SOLAR can help you harness the power of the sun, which will reduce your environmental footprint and lower your monthly utility bills. Our specialists are always ready to answer your questions about solar panel installation and help you identify the best system for your home.  

Residential Solar Panel Services

In addition to solar panel installation, TENCO SOLAR offers:

Pool Solar Panels

Enjoy a longer swimming season this year with our pool solar services. These panels offer you greater control over your pool’s temperature and can reduce your energy bills. At TENCO SOLAR, we’ll help you experience all the benefits of solar energy so you can enjoy your pool season after season.

Commercial Solar Panel Services

Want to cut energy costs and reap the benefits of solar power? Look no further than TENCO SOLAR. Our expert team provides top-notch commercial solar panel design and installation, with financing options to fit your budget.

We’ll even help you navigate the world of tax credits and rebates to ensure your organization gets the most savings possible. Our commercial solar panel services include repair, maintenance, installation, removal, and reinstallation.

Commercial Solar Panel Repair & Maintenance

Count on TENCO SOLAR for expert maintenance and upkeep. Our solar panel specialists stay up-to-date on the latest technology to service both legacy and modern installations. Enjoy clean and reliable 100% renewable energy year-round with TENCO SOLAR.

Commercial Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation

Removing solar panels may seem simple, but you should trust the task to a skilled professional for the best results. Incorrect removal can lead to costly damage to your roof, siding, fixtures, and more.

At TENCO SOLAR, experienced technicians can safely disconnect each element with precision and care. We guarantee no damage to the panels, structure, or components. We’ll store your solar panels, parts, and rack until you’re prepared to re-install them.

Solar Panel Battery Storage & Backup

We understand the importance of solar batteries in ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply from solar panel systems. With solar batteries, you no longer have to worry about power outages when the skies turn gray.

Even on cloudy days, your solar panels can continue to generate electricity, albeit with reduced capacity. The solution? Store the energy collected during sunny days in solar batteries for use when the sun isn’t shining.

Let us help you make the most of your solar investment.

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Commercial Carports

Commercial solar carports do more than create shade and shelter vehicles from the sun and rain — they also generate valuable electricity for your business and help keep our California skies clear and clean.

They increase the value of your real estate and provide a sustainable source of electricity and revenue that you can use to grow your business, reduce your carbon footprint, and lower your utility bills.

Why Choose Us?

For over 20 years, our family-owned business has provided exceptional solar panel services in La Mirada. We strive to always do right by our customers. This dedication to integrity, combined with our innovative spirit and technical expertise, ensures a flawless execution, no matter the scope of your solar project.

Close-up of multiple solar panels mounted on a roof.
Residential solar panel system installation in La Mirada, CA

In addition to our installation services, we offer expertise in solar financing and have a variety of financial products and partners to deliver a custom solution that will optimize your return.

Our goal is to help every California home and business owner understand the value of solar energy and the environmental and financial benefits of installing solar panels.

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