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Residential & Commercial Solar Services in Rancho Mirage, CA

TENCO SOLAR has served Rancho Mirage residents and businesses with comprehensive solar services for over two decades. As specialists in solar energy, you can trust us as your first choice for installations, replacements, removal, and other solar panel services.

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Commercial Solar Panel Services

TENCO SOLAR offers businesses comprehensive solar panel design and installation services, allowing you to cut energy costs, improve your carbon footprint, and enjoy many other benefits. With financing options and guidance on available tax credits and rebates for your upgrade, you can get the upgrades you need.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Commercial solar panels can drastically reduce operating expenses while providing energy independence and a reduced environmental footprint.

With the help of our specialists, you can have new rooftop solar panels, solar carports, solar panel battery storage and backup, and more matched to your needs and installed.

Regardless of your priorities for your solar panels, our design team can help you find the ideal installation to meet those goals.

Commercial Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation

When you need professional assistance safely removing your commercial solar panels for roof work, you can count on our technicians for prompt, minimally disruptive service. Your panels will be stored on-site until it’s time for reinstallation. We’ll also work with you to determine the best time for this process so we don’t disrupt your operations unnecessarily.

We’ll quickly return your commercial solar panels to full function once your construction, repairs, or renovations are finished, with the same careful installation procedures and quality control checks we use on new installations to ensure no loss of performance or reliability.

We can also handle certain services while your panels are removed, such as minor repairs and replacing damaged or worn components and hardware.

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Commercial Carports

Solar carports are an excellent way to use space around your property. A commercial solar carport combines shelter for vehicles with energy generation, maximizing the value of your property. A solar carport requires minimal maintenance and comes with these benefits:

  • Protect cars from the elements
  • Add value to your property
  • Increase curb appeal
  • Can be converted to an EV charging station


Make The Investment In Solar Panels & Let Solar Energy Work For You!


Residential Solar Panel Installation

Solar is an excellent way for homeowners to cut costs, improve energy independence, and help the environment. TENCO SOLAR can help you find the best solutions to harness the sun’s power on your property, with experts standing by to answer your questions about solar panel installation and your options.

Residential Solar Panel Services

In addition to solar panel installation, TENCO SOLAR offers:

Solar panels near a chimney and satellite dish on the roof of a home in Rancho Mirage.
Residential solar panel system installed on a rooftop in Rancho Mirage, CA.

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Why Choose Us?

TENCO SOLAR has installed and serviced solar panels in the Rancho Mirage area for decades, always prioritizing integrity, innovation, and expert execution. No matter the size or scope of your project, you can expect our team to meet your expectations and deliver outstanding results.

Our team wants to help every California home and business owner understand the potential value of solar energy and the possibilities surrounding solar panels — including financial incentives and programs to make your solar dreams come true.

Contact TENCO SOLAR at 888-507-6937 to learn more about our comprehensive solar energy services in Rancho Mirage.

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